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Instructions for use

Our site give you the possibility to display pictures free of charge and to order them on your choice.

To visualize the pictures, choose the selected repertory and click on the picture of the block to enlarge it.

You can choose the number of blocks’ colons and lines depending on the size of your screen.

It is possible to parade the pictures with the slideshow clicking on the logo on the top left. To switch off, click again on the picture.

To order pictures, nothing easier :

While you are displaying the pictures, each time you wish to order the picture, select it by a click on the small caddie right over the picture.

You will find all the selected pictures clicking on the « Caddie’s content ». Once your booking completed, click on « Caddie’s content » and then « Order ». Then select your country (by example England).

Fill in the form for our partner Colormailer. You will execute this operation only once, because every information will be registered for your next order. Choose the size and the number of pictures. On that stage, you have the possibility to make changes (double order, cancel, change of size, etc.) Finally, send the order.

You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail at the mentioned address.

You will receive your pictures within 5 days with the invoice and the payment note.

It is also possible to pay your order with your credit card.

To import pictures on your mobile :

You just have to choose the picture and click on the symbol of the small phone over the picture.

Follow the way of our partner and here you are with a great wallpaper on your mobile.

You can download all images on you mobile for only CHF 1.50 each


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